Santiago Chapter

Honesto Mike
Avenida Los Leones 96,
Santiago 7510042, Chile

Our focus is primarily beer and then running! Always in a family-minded fashion. In total, we are about 40 runners.

We get together on the first Saturday of every month, we haven't missed a date!
We like trying new bars and running routes but we have our “clubhouse” which is Honesto Mike, known for their hospitality, great burgers and awesome beer selection.

We started out running an easy 5km but we slowly have been incorporating new distances and usually, we have two groups.. the closer to 5km group and the closer to 10km group.

Some of us run 1/2 marathons or 10km in some of the local events. This year I ran my first 21km! Yeeeess!

Next month we will be celebrating our 4th anniversary! (September 2019)

Captain: Steve MacGuire


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