Hertford Chapter

The Crafty Duck bar

Welcome to MRC Hertford!

Live in/near Hertford? Like beer? Don’t hate running?

Then come and join us at Hertford’s premier craft beer bar - The Crafty Duck at 7pm on the last Thursday of each month.

We’ll go for a casual jog around the town and its awesome surroundings, followed by a beer (or two...) back at The Duck! The first one is 50% off too!

Get in touch with us on social media if you have any questions, hope to see you there!

Facebook Group: Mikkeller Running Club Hertford
Twitter: @mrc_hertford
Instagram: @mrc_hertford

Captain: Paul Davies

- After going along to the newly formed MRC Hitchin I thought it would be great if we could bring some of the Mikkeller Magic to little ol’ Hertford! We have great running routes, and finally some decent beer to sample, so why not!?

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