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42 Longbrook Street, Exeter EX4 6AE

Pursuit of Hoppiness:


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Mikkeller Running Club is coming to Exeter! If you like keeping fit AND following up a run with a refreshing beer, this is the group for you.

Come along to meet new people - runners and beer drinkers of all ages and abilities are welcome, even if you like Guinness ;-)

Our plan is to gather interested folk and then go for social runs on the first Saturday of every month. Our clubhouse will be the Pursuit of Hoppiness at 42 Longbrook Street in Exeter. We'll run up to 5K and stick around for a post-run beer.

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About the clubhouse:

The Pursuit of Hoppiness is a monument to real ale, scrumptious cider and wonderful and exciting wines, old world and new.

Next Upcoming Events

Feb 1, 2020  |  MRC Exeter – first meet up!

Direct link to this event

Mikkeller Running Club (MRC) Exeter is ALIVE! Thank you to everyone who’s expressed an interest so far on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/mrcexeter

Here’s the event page for this meet: www.facebook.com/events/474617933244510

MRCs around the world meet on the first Saturday of the month. We invite runners and beer drinkers of all abilities to join us for our first run and meetup in Exeter!

Here’s the plan:

11.30 – we’ll meet at the Pursuit of Hoppiness on Longbrook Street; our clubhouse. You can store any bags or clothing there if you need to.

After a brief meet and greet we’ll warm up and headout for 5km around the city. It’s very much a run, not a race, so we’ll keep the pace comfortable and have a back marker so we stay together.

~12.15 we’ll return to the clubhouse and enjoy a drink together. The clubhouse will very kindly provide a discount of at least 50p on beers for MRC participants.

We look forward to seeing you!