Copenhagen Chapter

Mikkeller Running Club
Warpigs Brewpub
Flæsketorvet 25, DK-1711 Copenhagen V, Denmark
+45 33227997
In October 2014 MRC started in Cph when eight runners set out for a 10 km run followed by a beer at Mikkeller & Friends in Stefansgade.
Clubhouse has since then changed to Warpigs Brewpub in Kødbyen.

"Fællestræning": always first Saturday of the month. We meet at the clubhouse 11.00.

We have six weekly trainings:

MRC Monday:
Every monday 17.00 from the clubhouse. We split into four groups:
~ 5 km, slowest-runner-sets-the-pace / run-walk
~ 7 km, pace 5:45 min/km
~ 10 km, pace 5:00-5:15 min/km
~ 12 km, pace 4:30 min/km

MRC Tuesday:
Every Tuesday 18.00 from Mikkeller & Friends, Stefansgade, Kbh N. We split into two groups:
~ 5 km, slowest-runner-sets-the-pace / run-walk
~ 13-14 km, pace 5:30 min/km

MRC Wednesday:
Every Wednesday 17.30 from Mikkeller Bar Viktoriagade. We split into two groups:
~ 7 km, pace 5:45 min/km
~ 10-12 km, pace 4:45 min/km

MRC Thursday morning:
Every Thursday 8.00 from Femmes Régionales HQ, Kompagnistræde 8, Kbh K.
~ 5 km jog

MRC Thursday:
Every Thursday 18.00 currently from Brus, Nørrebro.
- Warm up and then a mix of intervals, technique training and sometimes even strength. The route and distance varies from 9 to 12 km. The training is performed together in one group. We catch up during the run.

Everybody´s welcome for all trainings, and you don't have to be a member to take part. A membership running tee costs 300 kr and earns you a lifetime membership.

For the "Fællestræning" we run in different teams at different paces.

Before running the captains go through the routes and we take the mandatory team photo.

After running there is a free beer for all runners.

The teams and captains are:

It's Alive (slowest runner sets the pace) 5-7 km
Captains: Torsten Engsig og Helle Hansen

I Wish (5:45 min/km) 8-10 km
Captain: Janet Tobiesen

Blå Spøgelse (5:30 min/km) 10 km
Captain: Mille Feldborg

Youfuckedmeup & Imfurios (5:15 min/km progressive) 10-12 km
Captains: Adam Naser & Karina Koning

Stella 5 (5:00 min/km) 10 km
Captain: Kasper Borg Nielsen & Lene Knudsen

Beer Geek (4:30-4:40 min/km) 10-12 km
Captain: Kim Nørskov

Hva Såå?! (Progressive running) 15 km
Captain: Mikkel Borg Bjergsø

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