Camden London Chapter

BrewDog Camden
113 Bayham St,
Borough of Camden
London NW1 0AG

Captain: Carl Casagrande

My name is Carl Casagrande, i'm 33 years old and London resident for 8. I work as FOH Supervisor and Customer Experience in 2 Arts Centres and in a Arts Studio in London, alongside as Tour Managing and Singing professionally for the last 10 years of my life, recording, releasing and touring 4 albums on different projects. Lots of travelling and healthy eating are a constant in my life, but i do love the cheeky burgers, milkshakes and full english breakies here and there. I believe that balance is the key for everything in life, exercising and indulgence no different.

Been running for a great part of my life but during the last 2/3 years it became more of a way of life, expanding limits to Marathons and getting much more interested in trail running too.

I have a lot of interest in nutrition, healthy living and whenever possible, i do my share on Yoga classes too. Love rock n roll and metal, but very open minded in every sense. Trying to be spiritually connected in a chaotic, money digger city like London is tough, but i try hard.

Love craft beers and the whole scene behind it! MRC is a great way to keep some of my passions together and evolve as a runner and a drinker as well :)

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